Information for the first time conference attendees

1. Register early

Register early to get on the list of attendees as early as possible. It is important that other attendees know that you are attending so that they can make contact with you or ask to arrange a meeting.

2. Select a 1-day ticket and get a taste of our event

There is a special 1-day ticket for first time attendees - if you are not sure if the ERA GLOBAL conference will be beneficial to you, this allows you to get a taste of the conference without investing in a full ticket price. At this price you can't go wrong! You can choose any of the 3 days of the event!

3. Plan ahead - book a business lounge table for all your meetings

If you plan to attend the whole conference, it is really worth investing the money in a business lounge table and chairs. You will need somewhere to sit, somewhere to hold your meetings somewhere to invite people to come to see you, somewhere to do your follow up emails. Not only does it feel more professional, but a business lounge space also gives you somewhere to use as a base throughout the conference. But don't wait too long to book your table as there are a limited number and they usually sell out early.

4. Invest in a booth

If you have a product to present at the conference, it is highly recommended that you take an exhibition stand rather than a business lounge table. You need somewhere to display your product and attendees do not walk through the business lounge - they only go there for pre-arranged meetings.

It may seem expensive to exhibit but it includes your attendance fee and it guarantees that everyone sees your product. You can also run a video at your stand which really helps.

5. Set your meetings in advance

Do make appointments with people you want to meet BEFORE you come to the conference, especially if you are selling/offering a service. Most companies schedule their meetings in 30 min slots. Contact companies of interest PRIOR to the conference and make sure you to get a fixed meeting in their busy schedules. Do this even if you are an Exhibitor to ensure that your stand is always busy and that people make time to visit you. Busy stands attract attention!

6. Keep some free slots in your schedule

If you are a buyer, people will contact you for an appointment as soon as they see your name on the attendee list. Be selective as you may find that there are more companies trying to see you than you have available slots in your schedule. You may also want to hold a couple of slots free for spontaneous meetings.

7. Take advantage of the networking opportunitities

Use the lunch and coffee breaks to network. Go up to people and introduce yourself, exchange business cards.

8. English - the language at our events

English is the ERA GLOBAL conference language and everyone there can speak it. ERA is informal and uses first names - this is your chance to get to know people on a first name basis! (a massive advantage!)

9. Attend the educational panel discussions

Check out the agenda of the panel discussions which is an all day 'educational congress' within the conference. If you hold a 3-day ticket, this allows you free entry to any of the panel discussions. They normally run more or less on time. The panel discussions offer valuable insights into e.g. monetising new industry, digital trends or the latest regulations ... and there are always interesting speakers!

10. Don't miss the Oscars of our industry!

Once a year, at our summer conference, our association holds the Oscars of the teleshopping industry: the EMMA Awards Gala. Be sure to attend the EMMA Awards on the Wednesday evening - it is the heart of the social action and the perfect place to meet people, be photographed and to consolidate connections. Don't miss this! Remember to pack something elegant to wear - it is a glamourous event!