The Netherlands drops the 1,5-metres rule

Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam. Photo by Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

As of end of September, a number of relaxations are into play in the Netherlands. ERA Global will hold its 2022 summer conference in Amsterdam, from 20 to 23 June.

No masks and 1,5-metres distance are currently required for indoor or outdoor events, though a coronavirus entry pass is still needed. Festivals and concerts opened with 75% capacity without fixed seating, whilst in the case of the events with fixed seating, the capacity can be completely full. However, the requirement to wear face masks when travelling on public transport in the Netherlands will remain. The Hilton Hotel, our location for our 2022 summer conference, has confirmed that they have already held their first large events without social distancing. 

Please note that these are the current measures, which may change. We will keep you updated throughout the upcoming months. 

An overview of all measures can be found on