China’s Digital Environment
Founder, China Impulse


Alexandra Stefanov

Alexandra Stefanov is the founder of China Impulse and co-author of the book "Digitalisierung Made in China" (Digitization Made in China).

Alexandra Stefanov studied Chinese and Transcultural Studies in Heidelberg, Germany as well as in Tianjin and Shanghai, China. She is the founder of China Impulse, co-author of the book "Digitalisierung Made in China - Wie China mit KI und Co. Wirtschaft, Handel und Marketing transformiert" (Digitization Made in China - How China is Transforming Business, Trade, and Marketing with AI and Co.) and co-editor of the magazine "China im Blickpunkt" (China in Focus). As part of a digitization initiative of the German industry, she also promotes digitization and innovation in German-speaking countries.

With China Impulse, Alexandra Stefanov makes companies fit for the future by showing them the latest digitization trends from China and providing them with digital best practices. Through lectures, workshops, advisory services, podcast interviews, and a monthly tech newsflash, she provides insights into the Chinese digital world and reveals what we can learn from it for our own digitization in Europe.

Speaker at events in: 2022