Digital Media Entrepreneur/CEO/Speaker/Mentor
Founder and CEO, PLAY HUMAN


Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott is a digital media entrepreneur, executive producer, digital futurist, mentor and an international keynote speaker. He is the founder and CEO of PLAY HUMAN, a UK & US Digital Media Group, working all over the world.

Matthew is a truly exceptional creative and true visionary. His knowledge of the digital landscape is uncompromising and is one of the most impressive digital leaders I have ever met. A joy to work with! Discovery Networks

Born and raised in Northern Ireland at the height of ‘the troubles’, Matthew brings a unique blend of ‘Irish storytelling’ and future-gazing with high-impact & passionate insights on society, culture and humanism in our digital world.

He is the founder and CEO of PLAY HUMAN, a UK & US Digital Media Group, working all over the world including the US, Central & Northern Europe, India, China and central Africa. His company is changing the shape of Content, Community and Commerce in the next phase of the Digital World, creating world first new media formats, engagement methodology and Digital Networks for major media, retail & technology brands.

He has worked with top global brands such as Discovery, BBC, Sky, Intel, Google, UNHCR, Ford, Amazon, ZDF, Sony Pictures, Freemantle, Lego, Coca-Cola, PWC, England FA, Anheuser-Busch, Nike, P&G, World Trade Center Association, Ahlstrom, Tommee Tippee, Sage, British Gas and many local and central Governments around the world.

Matthew is a regular media commentator and expert for media networks such as BBC & Discovery Channel series and he has been featured by many top media publishers including The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, BBC, CCTV & CNTV (China), Business Insider and many others.

Matthew’s keynote speeches focus in particular on digital media futures, digital democracy, digital story-telling and the future of business, media and society.

His insights are crucial for businesses & individuals that want to know how to connect effectively with 21st-century audiences, customers and communities and how to place HUMAN back in the centre of our digital world.

He has spoken all over the world including at Google in UK & USA, from London to Los Angeles, Vancouver, Beijing, Shanghai, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Dublin, Tunis, Valetta and around many UK universities and Business Schools as a guest and associate lecturer.

Speaking Topics:
• Being Human in the Digital Age.
• How to put the human back into focus in our digital world.
• Digital strategy
• New approaches to digital marketing & engagement.

Digital Innovation

• How to create, engage and commercialise your innovative ideas to global audiences.
• Digital storytelling
• How to reach millions online through multi-channel and multi-format approaches to

Digital democracy
• Exploring how to use digital for personal, social and economic good.
Digital transformation
• How to integrate digital content, marketing &technology into organisations

Customer engagement
• In the digital age through brand, story and social media.

Speaker at events in: 2022