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Mattias Hjelmstedt

Mattias Hjelmstedt is the CEO and Founder of Magine TV (

Mattias Hjelmstedt is the CEO and Founder of Magine TV ( Created in 2010, Magine TV is the pioneering cloud-based service for watching live and catch-up TV in the same place and across all devices. In place of complicated set-ups and costly subscriptions, Magine has created TV as it should be.

As featured in Bloomberg, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, and Wired, serial entrepreneur, Hjelmstedt has successfully created companies since the early 1990s in the areas of content distribution; streaming; online gaming; social media; and computer technologies.

An unparalleled innovator, Hjelmstedt’s commitment to online user experience, and turning online TV into a global reality, sees him partnering with the leading figures in TV, electronics, and digital industries, as well as discerning consumers.

Hjelmstedt has developed a number of high profile tech companies throughout his professional career. He was Co-Founder and VP Operation and Production of Voddler Sweden (2008 –2010).

Between 2005-2009, Hjelmstedt was CEO of Professional Entertainment AB, after founding the company. Professional Entertainment AB owned, which was one of Scandinavia’s premier retailers for advanced home entertainment equipment.

Hjelmstedt founded Scandinavian Cyber Events (2005–2007) and presided over the company as CEO. They were responsible for bringing the World Cyber Games to Scandinavia, and created events with clients including: Samsung, Intel, AMD, Coca-Cola, and Shuttle.

In 2001 Hjelmstedt founded the Electronic Sports Network: a company that works with the development of social gaming platforms. The platform transformed into a framework for creating real time social platforms, and was used for Battlefield 3 and 4. ESN was acquired by EA in 2012, due to its success.

He also created the Swedish E-Sport League, a gaming competition, which was first of its kind, with thousands of press articles written about it globally. Hjelmstedt additionally devised and launched, which was one of the first social media sites with a global reach. By 2001 they had already 500,000 users, with many comparable functions to the prevailing social media platforms extant today.

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